The reason we started Slime Busters is because we got tired of roofing contractors knocking on our doors, trying to tell us that we needed our roofs replaced, when really we knew it just needed to be cleaned. It was then we realized that not many people in Houston knew of this industry, and we decided to make it our goal to inform and prove to people that they may just need their roof cleaned instead of replaced. We launched our company in October of 2015.

Meet the team


Paul Roe grew up in Houston, TX, taking on many jobs at a young age, becoming a jack of all trades. He was in the oil industry for 20 years. He used to work for a Houston Based commercial version of Slime Busters. He also founded a large trailer manufacturing company called Tech-Sun Trailers. He later founded Kilowatt Partners, an energy management company. James worked for him there also, so they have a background of work comradery. He later sold it off to venture a new niche, Slime Busters. He immediately began working with neighbor and friend, James Buscemi, to create the perfect solution that we now use today for cleaning roofs. Paul’s hobbies include golfing, camping, and playing fetch with his beloved dog, Solo.

James Buscemi grew up in Willis, TX, playing sports and fishing. He joined the Navy after high school and served for 4 years and left with honors. After that, he moved to Houston and joined the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce. There he was in the business development position and chaired the Cy-Fair Young Professionals. Once the Bakken oil boom hit, he decided to move to Montana where he worked for a large oilfield company and met Shelby. After 3 years of surviving the frigid cold, they both moved back to Houston and started Slime Busters with Paul. James is not only brains but also brawn, as he goes out and washes roofs with the crew. James’ hobbies include socializing, camping, riding is 4-wheeler, and eating Whataburger.

Shelby Hurley grew up in Savage, Montana where she graduated with a class of 8 people. After high school she worked for a local petroleum company, and later an admin for a large oilfield company with James. After moving to Texas and helping get Slime Busters off the ground, she now runs the office and helps James out in the field. She also runs the office for a local equestrian center. Shelby’s hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and online window shopping.


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