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Discoloration and streaks on your roof doesn’t just look bad. They also pose a threat to the structural integrity of your roof. Slime Busters offers roof washing services to keep your rooftop clean. Algae on your roof digs for moisture and eats away at the limestone filler, causing granules to shed prematurely. You can learn more on our Science Behind the Slime page. 

Before you think about replacing your roof, consider cleaning it first. The average roof in Houston, TX is replaced every 10 years when it should last up to 30 years. Sometimes a roof that looks like it needs to be replaced only needs to be washed. Also, roof washing is only a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. 

We’ll keep your roof safe and sound. Keeping your roof clean helps prevent premature replacement and increases the curb appeal of your home. Your roof is the most expensive item that you will have to replace, (more than A/C units and all of your appliances combined), and yet very few people have any maintenance done to it. Let Slime Busters be your solution. All the ingredients we use are approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers’ Association (ARMA). 

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According to Frank Stilley, president and owner of Amstill Corporation, a Houston-based contracting firm, “Many homeowners are more likely to replace a badly streaked roof than clean it, even if the roof hasn’t reached its full service life.” Shingle manufacturers estimate that approximately 80% of all roof replacements are caused by this problem.

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Your Exterior Will Shine Thanks To Our Home Washing Services

Your home needs plenty of attention and upkeep. We’re here to provide that. Our home washing services are tough on grime but gentle on your outdoor surfaces. We’ve created a solution that kills algae instantly without damaging your siding or exterior.

We spray hard-to-reach areas with our solution before applying water. Our methods go easy on your siding and won’t void the warranty on HardiePlank.

That bacteria growth on your roof can really shorten the life of your roof. Here’s how Slime Busters professional roof cleaning can help.

Have noticeable black streaks (mold, algae) on your roof? Initially one would be alarmed and fearing that those streaks signaled the need for a new roof. Many cases one would think they need a roof replacement. But you only need to have it professionally cleaned (soft cleaning with the right tools and chemicals).

What is a roof cleaning?
It’s not a sign of poor home maintenance. Rather, the unsightly dark splotches that streak across roofs are caused by bacteria known as gloeocapsa magma; often referred to as algae growth on the roof. The growth typically occurs on the north side or shaded area of the roof. Though there is little scientific evidence of the harm caused by the bacteria, industry experts concur that it can help deteriorate shingles and shorten the life expectancy of the roof.

Roof cleaning is relatively new to most homeowners. The algae infestation that is taking place has only been present in our area for the last 20 years.

Most homeowners think that the black streaking is normal shingle wear and tear, and many replace their roofs prematurely. Many cases you roof needs is a good roof cleaning. A proper roof cleaning will allow the homeowner to maximize their shingle life for up to 20 years, or more. Roof Cleaning is now an accepted part of home exterior maintenance.

When the process is finished, the roof will be noticeably cleaner. You could just immediately see the difference. “The roof looks brand spanking new.”


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